1935.12 Established Kawaguchi Chemical Laboratory (now Kawaguchi Factory).
1937.1 Reorganized into Kawaguchi Chemical Industry Co.,Ltd.and opened Head Office at Nihonbashi Muromachi,Chuo-ku,Tokyo.
1951.8 Relocated head office to Kandata-cho,Chiyoda Ward,Tokyo.
1954.3 Obtained permission for JIS Mark on photo and rubber chemicals.
1958.7 Established Osaka Office.
1961.1 Listed on the second section market of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
1962.11 Was awarded by the Chief of Regional Bureaus of International Trade and Industry as one of the best factories for industrial standards and quality control.
1970.5 Relocated head office to Soto-Kanda,Chiyoda Ward,Tokyo.
1975.7 Upgraded Osaka Office to Osaka Branch.
1975.11 Was awarded by the Minister of International Trade and Industry as one of the best factories for energy control.
1976.4 Relocated head office to Uchi-Kanda,
1977.2 Established Kashima Factory in Ibaraki Pref.
1984.9 Established distributorship with R.T.Vanderbilt(USA) for rubber chemicals.
1987.1 Held a celebration marking the 50th anniversary of the Company’s foundation.
1993.3 Relocated head office business office to Kawaguchi City,Saitama Prefecture.
1994.6 Osaka Branch renamed Osaka Sales Office
1994.9 Established distributorship with Bayer(Ger.) for rubber chemicals.
1997.11 ISO 9001 accreditation
2006.1 ISO 14001 accreditation
2008.6 Established Shanghai Office
2010.8 Established Kawaguchi Chemical Industry(Shanghai) Trading Co.,Ltd.